Skinny Girls & Google

I’m always curious how people get to my blog. So I often check my website metrics, which tells me which pages people visit, and in the event they were referred by Google or other search engines, what they were searching for that led them here.

Unhappy guests of the pasar ikan

And I’m often amazed, mystified and dumbfounded. Here’s a look at some of the recent search terms that brought people to my humble blog:

— Japanese secret to be skinny
— stir the mayonnaise song
— little Saigon girls
— strange shaped architecture
— black cod confusion
— girls in boots
— Sinatra tiki
— Mr. Bean yoga class
— guy and girl at office
— is it okay to be a yoga teacher and still eat fish?
— skinny girl and dog
— courtyard lax century boulevard
— Lake Havasu fish in a girl’s mouth
— petroleum
— shopping mall
— pasar ikan

What is “black cod confusion”?? And I was pretty sure I had never heard of or written about that last one — “pasar ikan”. But since it was listed as a search engine referral to Skinny Girls & Mayonnaise not once but twice, I decided to Google it to find out what it was: A fishmarket in Indonesia. I went a dozen or so pages into the search results and saw no links to SG&M, so I’m still not sure how “pasar ikan” leads to my blog. But I’ll take it.

Another day I had four referrals from I was wondering what the “pk” stood for, so I entered it on my browser. And wound up at Google Pakistan. Was it some Pashtun tribal elder with an interest in grilled tri-tip? Now any time I try to go to Google, my browser autofills Google Pakistan instead. At least it’s nice to know that will all that’s going on in the world, Americans and Pakistanis can still connect in cyberspace over a bit of food.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa Gaskin
    Jul 16, 2011 @ 02:13:35

    This is hilarious…I can imagine that some skinny girls might look like strange shaped architecture AND “girls in boots” might like to wrestle in mayonnaise 😉


  2. Anthony
    Jul 16, 2011 @ 03:29:12

    Black Cod Confusion is the name of my new band.


  3. Thelma Lee
    Jul 16, 2011 @ 21:26:39

    I am going to die…. oh god I love stuff like this, including those hilarious “english” tee shirts from Japan, China, Brazil. And misspellings on Chinese menus….. e.g.

    steamed haribut



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