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Appetizers, starters & tapas

Papas rellenas (Cuba)
Queso fundido & margaritas
Cannellini beans (four ways)
Bagna cauda
Pa am tomàquet
Kim chee jeon pancakes (Korea)
Queso fundido, Lotería Grill-style, with spicy pepitas
Stuffed zucchini blossoms with guanciale and heirloom tomato sauce
Indonesian chicken satay with peanut sauce
Tuscan crostini
Baccalà in saor with polenta (Venetian cecchitti)
Arancini risotto fritters (Venetian cecchitti)
Tremezzini toasts (Venetian cecchitti)
Vietnamese spring rolls
Chipotle Mexikettle corn
Salted vanilla caramel & chocolate corn
Tortilla de camerones
Spanish piquillo pepper & manchego tortilla
Chiles de Puebla con queso
Langoustine puffs with homemade Chinese plum sauce
Caspian Still Life
Jon’s Coke & Jack Daniel’s sausages
Catalan deviled eggs
Miso walnuts
Szechuan turkey spring rolls with red vinegar mustard
Steve’s shrimp toasts
Meat & egg blini


Sopa di Fagioli
Congee (China)
Pozolé (Mexico)
Spanish gazpacho
Winter vegetable soup
Cape Cod Clam Chowder
Scandia’s cold cucumber soup
Watermelon gazpacho with proscuitto
Sonoran tortilla soup
Minestrone alla Milanese
French onion soup
Salmon & corn chowder
Pureed kabocha pumpkin soup
Crab & corn bisque
Chicken stock
Soupe de poisson
Mexican squash blossom soup
Wild mushroom bisque
Shrimp bisque
Bisque de crevettes
Gumbo z’herbes
Creamy cauliflower soup
Irish fish soup
Red pozole
Spicy Korean kim chee soup


Caesar salad
Island macaroni salad

Cobb salad
Vietnamese green papaya salad
Iceberg wedge salad
Monster Good asian slaw
Leftover fried chicken salad
Niçoise salad
Roasted green pepper salad with anchovy and capers
Classic barbecue cole slaw
Watermelon salad with seared scallop
Deconstructed Niçoise
Parsley salad
Skinny Girls chopped salad
Dan’s crab Louie
Arugula & quinoa salad with roasted pumpkin, walnuts and yogurt cucumbers
Ikea-style Scandinavian bay shrimp salad with rosti
Green papaya salad
Roasted vegetable & walnut quinoa salad
Beet carpaccio
Salade frisée aux lardons

Sandwiches, burgers, pizza, tacos, bread, etc.

Mexican torta
Best burger (with six variations)
Naples-style pizza
Spinach & pancetta pizza
Sausage, fennel & egg pizza
Pizza bianchi (with wild mushrooms)
Chicago-style hot dog
Topanga tri-tip sandwich
The Reuben
Chorizo burger with caramelized fennel and Manchego
Egg salad sandwich
Skinny Girls burger
Savory rustic bread
Easy French boule
Chicken salad sandwich
Irish brown bread with smoked salmon and Irish butter
Dublin pub meat pies
Buttermilk biscuits
Gringo tacos
Machaca tacos
Homemade flour tortillas
Duck cracklings, confit, shiitake & plum sauce pizza
Wholegrain bruschetta with heirloom tomato & mozzarella
Hazelnut butter & bacon sandwiches
Lobster rolls
Salty sour pickly porky burgers
Corned beef & cabbage tacos
Pulled pork slider with jalapeño slaw
Chinese-style pork jowl tacos
Chicken & olive tamales
Tacos de chicharrones
Shrimp & fried cheese tacos
Mexico City street tacos with pork and foie gras
Vermont bacon, cheddar and apple flatbread
Scandinavian shrimp sandwich
Baja fish tacos
Crab tacos
Texas smoked brisket tacos
Grilled chicken gringo tacos
Air-dried pork tacos
Steak, mushroom, chile & cheese tacos
Veracruz-style fish tacos
Mortadella and butter sandwich
Turkey mole tacos
Wild mushroom “carnitas” tacos
Havana street corner sandwich
Soft-shell crab sandwich
The Sean dog
Chesapeake oyster cracker-crusted soft-shell crab sandwich
Philly cheesesteak


Bistecca alla Fiorentino
Carpaccio alla Harry’s Bar
Cowboy-style grilled steak

Costillitas (Cuban ribs)
Cochinita pibil (Mexico)

Hawaiian soy glazed ribs
Grilled fennel pork shoulder
Chili con carne
Kansas City-style baby back ribs
Slow-smoked North Carolina-style pork shoulder
Ono island ribs
Korean kalbi beef short ribs
Braised lamb shanks with prunes and cinnamon
Monica’s Dominican pork pernil
Marrow bones
Grilled Spanish-style pork shoulder with garlic and pimentón
Pork rillettes
Grilled steak au poivre with frites
Chinese five-spice pork pops with plum sauce
Szechuan pork belly with scallions
Tri tip satay with spicy peanut sauce and cucumber relish
Grilled miso porterhouse with garlic yuzu dipping sauce
Tonkatsu with Japanese cole slaw and egg/mirin dipping sauce
Skinny Girls (almost) instant chili
Texas-style smoked brisket
Bastille steak with duck fat-fried frites
Moo shu pork
Pork belly mole with corn grits, cracklings and pan-fried zucchini
Heart-shaped Tuscan tri tip
Japanese-style beef carpaccio
Icelandic lamb stew (kjötsúpa)
Sonoran vaquero chili
Chile verde (and the tacos that come from within)
Trippa alla Romana
Gringo green mole with baby back ribs
Greek lamb shanks with gigantes plaki
Mexican milanesa with rice & beans
Tokyo Monster Steak

Chicken & Other Birds of a Feather

Hawaiian teriyaki grilled chicken
Chicken Kiev with rice pilaf and sauteed beet greens
Buttermilk fried chicken
Peking duck breast with Chinese pancakes and scallions
Grilled chicken thighs with spicy vinegar and butter
Original Buffalo chicken wings (with blue cheese dressing)
Korean-style fried chicken wings
Japanese panko-crusted chicken breasts with lemon
Cuban garlic chicken
Grilled game hens with cumin eggplant
Chicken confit
Chinese salt & pepper wings
Chicken pie
Braised duck with kabocha pumpkin
Hainanese chicken rice
Sunday night Hungarian fried chicken dinner

Fish & Seafood

Sushi rice
Scallop dynamite
Scampi Venezia

Vietnamese shrimp on sugar cane

Albacore crudo (Italy)

Sauteed whitefish
Broiled black cod with roasted garlic mashed potatoes
Hawaiian lomi lomi salmon
Sesame-crusted salmon with garlic spinach and pinot noir reduction
Pan-grilled halibut with sauteed Swiss chard and ponzu butter
Jacques Pépin’s Alaskan gravlax
Moules with chorizo, fennel and sun gold tomatoes
Polpo diavolo
Baja crab cocktail
Butter-poached Australian lobster with saffron risotto and lobster sauce
Pesciolini in scapece
Fritto di mare fried whitefish
Grilled sardines with fennel and orange
Grilled salmon tacos with mango salsa
Broiled sea bass with wasabi potatoes and yuzu butter sauce
Maria’s Mauritian shrimp creole
Mazatlán grilled fresh fish
Pistachio-crusted salmon with yuzu butter
Chipotle tamales with langoustine & lime cilantro crema
Macadamia-crusted salmon sashimi with ginger spinach and ponzu salsa
Hamachi sashimi with avocado & yuzu ponzu
Wasabi-grapefruit ponzu oysters on the half shell
Broiled garlic parmesan oysters
Barbecued oysters
Mama Annie’s blackened salmon with sour cream cucumber sauce
Jean-Georges-inspired fried sushi cakes with spicy scallops
Vodka-cured cold smoked salmon
Scallion-crusted wolf fish with beurre blanc and wild greens Israeli cous cous
Mexican bonito crudo
Salmon sashimi crisps with jalapeño and ponzu
Tomato saffron scampi with polenta and sautéed Tuscan kale
Mariscos de Bahia de Banderas (Pacific Mexican clams)
Pan-fried skate wing with salsa de mercado
Sorrel lace tempura with sweet shrimp ceviche and cilantro flowers
Lemon thyme, pepper & onion gravlax
Albacore & shrimp ceviche
Abalone with brown lemon butter
Cajun frog legs with remoulade
Broiled cod with egg and butter sauce  (Þorskur með eggja og smjörsósu)
Crispy shrimp risotto fake out!
Crab candy
Ahi ceviche on puffed rice with caramelized onion salsa
Ahi poke
Halibut cheeks with tempura and pureed eggplants
Thai shrimp with crispy mee krob rice
Aomori-style street squid
Baccalà Mantecato

Pastas, Beans & Rice

Spaghetti with butter, pepper & parmesan
Linguini with Crab

Pasta pomodoro

Spaghetti carbonara

Spaghetti with sauteed greens
Spaghetti with fresh clams
Spaghetti with tomatoes & sausage
Spaghetti with bottarga & tomatoes
Fideus (Spain)
Penne l’estate
Mezzaluna alla salsa noci
Parsley asiago risotto
Bucatini all’ Amatriciana
Nasi goreng (Indonesia)
Spaghetti ai ricci di mare
Persian rice
Fois gras ravioli with pickled fennel, shimeji mushrooms and marscapone
Penne with Swiss chard
Penne with tuna, tomato & bread
Bigoli in salsa (whole wheat pasta with anchovies & parsley)
Fabada Asturiana (Spanish white beans)
Cavatappi with green tomatoes
Wickedly good baked beans
Whole wheat penne with swiss chard & guanciale
Roasted garlic risotto with turkey stock & crispy onions
Sean Ramen
Fettuccine con le fave
Greek pasta with sausage and blue cheese (Macaronia me loukanika ke tiri)
Heirloom tomato & corn risotto with parmesan-crusted scallops
Fresh tagliatelle with black Perigord truffle
Sean-chuan fried rice
Ciriole di farro with heirloom tomato
Shrimp & chorizo paella
Joshua Tree desert pad thai
Cacio e pepe
Lobster spaghetti with garlic and saffron
Hiroshima-style yakisoba
Su filindeu, approximately
Mexican rice


Sonoma Market Breakfast
Irish brown soda bread
Best breakfast potatoes ever
Maui French toast with Portuguese sausage
Old-school breakfast sandwich with sausage patty
Open-face smoked salmon breakfast sandwich
French toast and bacon breakfast sandwich
Smoked trout shmear with bagels
Huevos rancheros
Lamb & artichoke hash with eggs

Veggies, side dishes, condiments, etc.

Cuban black beans
Cheese grits
Umami Bomb
Spicy pepitas
Tacos de papas
Chipotle caramelized onion salsa
Pan-roasted tomato & garlic salsa
Tomatillo arbol salsa
Greek-style wild greens with fried eggs
Pig candy
Ligurian swiss chard torta
Chiles rellenos with pepita cilantro salsa
Marilu’s salsa de Jalisco
New Soy Technology vegetarian chili
Mash-fried duck fat potatoes
Charlie Trotter’s morels with yellow corn grits, okra and morel juices
Şakşuka (Turkish spicy eggplant)
Pattaya pesto
Cauliflower candy
Beer-tempura matsutake mushrooms with lemon soy dipping sauce
Salsa naranja
Saag paneer
Caramelized potatoes (brúnaðar kartöflur)
Fried artichokes
Spicy crispy Korean cauliflower
Jose Gomez’s Secret Cuban Marinade


Ultimate Bloody Mary
The Declaration
Mint julep
The Giornataccia
Pontocho Road
El Chapulín
Watermelon Aguarita
Col-gin & tonic
The Adirondack Micro Burst
Mai tai
Aperol spritz
La Vie En Rose


Norwegian Multekrem
Banana walnut rum bread pudding with Nutella dulce de leche
Kentucky-style chocolate walnut pie with vanilla bean whipped cream
Banana macadamia nut rum bread pudding with coconut syrup
Cherry cobbler
Shirley’s mint & chip ice cream

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