Lobstah Rolls, Baby — Skinny Girls Roadshow LIVE from Bar Harbor, ME

The rain in Maine falls Maine-ly on the Maine.

There are many businesses in Maine that use the pun, “Maine-ly” in their titles. On the highway, you pass “Maine-ly Maine Souvenirs” and “Maine-ly Speaking Clothes” and “Maine-ly Lobstah” lobster shacks.

Willa wearing her Maine pride

Willa wearing her Maine pride

Maine is just one of those places I always knew I would like, sorta like Alaska and Tokyo. Some places you have an idea of before you, and you get there, and you say, “Oh.” More

Let it Roll, Baby, Roll

It was Nat’s idea, and a good one at that.

“Let’s make lobster rolls on Sunday,” he said on Wednesday over margaritas at our house. “Let’s invite ourselves over to the Glynn’s house and go swimming and do it there.” This was my kind of spontaneous inspiration!

Nat would buy the lobsters, I would do the cooking, and they would host. (Coincidentally, as it turned out, our friends, “the Glynn’s” — Aaron and Britt — had been planning on inviting us all over that very day, so they were amenable to the announcement that they would be hosting a party.)


Nat got online to order the crustaceans, and I leapt from my chair. “Hold on, hot dog!” I said, “That’ll cost you $75 in shipping! Have you tried the 99 Ranch Market?” More