An Oranger Shade of Orange

I was eating some Cheetos puffs the other day, one of my guilty pleasures as you may have already learned from earlier posts. As I watched the palms of my hands assuming an unnatural science-fiction orange — the fingers themselves becoming like terrifying animated Cheetos sprung to life — I began to wonder about the color.

Among the interesting questions I found others posing online about Cheeto orange was: “Do Cheetos turn your poop orange?” The color is apparently “manufactured from aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum”. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Or, to put it in visual terms:

Cheeto orange


Fennel Grilled Pork Shoulder

Certain flavors were just meant to be together. Such it is with pork and fennel. Add orange, and you’ve got a divine trinity of deliciousness. And here, I share one of my best grilling preparations with you. Make this for your next barbecue, tell your friends you made it up yourself (I don’t mind), and you’ll be revered in the backyards of your neighborhood.

I love pork shoulder. It’s one of the least expensive cuts, it’s usually huge, and it’s got an amazing flavor and meat/fat ratio. Confirming its pedigree, it’s the pork most often used for Mexican carnitas. Now that’s some street cred! More