The New Wines

Awhile back, I shared the unfortunate story of how my family’s wine business had been usurped by an unsavory investor whom I had dubbed “The Onceler,” after Dr. Seuss’ famously greedy villain from the cautionary tale, “The Lorax.”


Today — many months and several legal actions later — I have the pleasure of writing a new story. And introducing our new family winery, Bruce Patch Wines. More

Russian River’s Once-ler & a Phoenix from the Ashes

One of my favorite books as a child — and subsequently an adult reading to my own children — is Dr. Seuss’s cautionary tale, “The Lorax.” A parable about greed and environmental indifference, it concludes with the main character, the Once-ler, having followed his insatiable greed as it plowed through a forest of Trufula Trees, alone in his Lerkim beneath the “smoke-smuggered stars,” wallowing in regret.

What follows is, too,  a cautionary tale about entering into deals with the devil, as well as a touching tome on the triumph of persistence and good over evil.

Or, maybe it’s just a shitty story with a happy ending.

Dr. Seuss' Onceler, lurking in his Lerkim

Dr. Seuss’ Once-ler, lurking in his Lerkim

Many years ago, my mother moved from suburban southern California to the northern California woods — taking along with her, her music industry boyfriend. More