Burn Mitzvah!

Our pals the Schneiders had planned a Sunday bat mitzvah for their 12-year-old daughter, Naomi, at their house. Problem was, a nearby mountain was on fire.

The neighborhood

The neighborhood

The canyon, besides our Zone 7 and the hilltop gated community where the Schneiders live, had been completely evacuated. The sheriffs had roadblocks at Pacific Coast Highway and Mulholland, and were not letting anyone into the canyon. The Schneiders had invited 150 people, reserved a taco stand for catering, rented a photo booth. More

Tacotopia, Episode #1: Chile Verde

*Tacotopia: a blissful place or state, where peace and love reign, tequila flows like rivers and tacos are plentiful, varied and delicious.

“You made a taco in Tahoe,” my pal Bob rolled poetically off his tongue, “Insane — what was that!?”

“I don’t remember,” I replied.

Upon further prodding and reflection, I did recall frying cheese and shrimp, recreating one of my most popular tacos thus far.

Bob was expressing his enthusiasm for my Year of the Taco idea — he was all behind it. (What’s not to be behind? Especially if you anticipate being one of the test subjects in this culinary experiment.)

Alex Tehrani digs in

Alex Tehrani digs in

“In Mexico,” I said to my pal Don, with whom I would be traveling to Jalisco in a couple months, “It’s going to be all about the taco. We are going to eat as many tacos as we can get ahold of. And tequila.” More