Popcorn for Breakfast and Other Minor Revelations

Leftover popcorn, I’ve discovered, makes a good breakfast. My wife often makes popcorn for the kids in the evening, and there it is in the morning, half a pot — the butter soaked in and coagulated. Like many things, it is better the next day.

I especially like the crunchy, half-popped ones that congregate at the bottom of the pan. My wife worries: “You’re going to break a tooth on one of those one day.” But I like to live dangerously, I guess.

I made another delightful breakfast discovery this morning. It’s soft-shell crab season — one of my most favorite of all foods. Last night, I made seven soft-shell crab sandwiches for our dinner party. I had miscounted, and there were only six of us. So my second course of breakfast was a reheated soft-shell crab sandwich. What a start to the day!


Fjord Shrimp with Andreas

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was looking in vain for the Dodgers game on cable, and stumbled across “New Scandinavian Cooking” with Andreas Viestad.

Andreas Viestad fixing to smoke some trout in the mountains of Norway

Andreas Viestad fixing to smoke some trout in the mountains of Norway

It’s one of my favorite PBS cooking shows, and it was just beginning.

“Dad!” 5-year-old Imogen said as we wandered into the bedroom, “Is that a cooking show!??” More

Willa’s Brisket

What did Willa want for her 9th birthday?

It certainly wasn’t a slow-smoked Texas-style brisket. That was what her dad wanted.

Willa and her birthday posse — whoa, that's a lot of girls!

Willa and her birthday posse — whoa, that’s a lot of girls!

While planning birthdays for my children, I like to remember that were it not for me, they wouldn’t be here. So in some ways, it’s a day to celebrate me, too!

Imogen got to go to Fenway Park and watch the Red Sox play the Orioles on her 5th birthday. She was initially disappointed when I told her, until I informed her should could have any kind of sweet she wanted. “Yayyy!” she said. Go Red Sox. More

Dinner with My New iPhone 6


It’s impossible to be objective when it comes to ourselves. Just in the way we can never know what other people see when they look at us, I sometimes wonder what other people must think of my blog.

Self-important-looking selfie

Self-important-looking selfie with painting

“Stand up straight, babe,” my wife will sometimes say to me.

I wonder if there’s a blog equivalent of not standing up straight. Are any of my sentences lazy? More

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