Pork Season

Pork season is almost here!

What is pork season, you may reasonably ask?? Is it the time when the young wild piglets sprout up from the earth after a spring rain? Is it the brief window when the pig molts its old skin, and is tender and new beneath before the new skin hardens?

Henri, napping amidst the rosemary

No, no… nothing like that. It is the time when the weather grows warm, and I begin noticing the racks of baby back ribs in the grocery store. More

Afternoons with Henri

I often get asked a tough question, in regard to either our pig Henri, or one of our dozen or so chickens. “So,” the person will begin… “Are you going to… you know…” In the beginning I didn’t know, and was aghast when they would finish their query.

“Eat them!??” I would wince. “They trust me.”

With the chickens it makes more sense. They’re not very smart. And after a couple years, they stop laying and then live another 7 or 8. But I wouldn’t be able to slaughter them, and even if I had someone else do it, I’d be wondering which one I was eating. More

Introducing the New Skinny Girls Mascot — Henri Toulouse Cochon

What to get for a 10th anniversary gift for the wife who has everything? Well, sure … I picked up a nice watch and some diamond bling… but was looking for something a little unique. How about a pig! It’s certainly original…

Henri sunbathing

Many things go through your head when you buy your wife a new pet pig as a surprise anniversary gift. The first, after the money has changed hands and the pig is now yours, is, “My god, what have I done??” More

In the Name of the Father

My wife, a woman of astute intuition when it comes to gift giving, bestowed me with a new book for Father’s Day: “Pork & Sons,” by French chef Stéphane Reynaud.

Published in 2007, it was at the fore of an entire genre of pig-focused cookbooks such as “The Whole Beast”, “The Complete Book of Pork”, “Pig Perfect” and “Pig”, a trend which culminated in a glut of restaurants with names like Cochon and The Spotted Pig and our own Animal here in Los Angeles. More