Beet vs. Meat

It was a fun idea my friend, Amanda, and I had.

She was bringing a vegetarian to our house for dinner. (“What’ya wanna go and do that for!??” I protested.)


I told her as long as it was a vegetarian who didn’t mind other people around him eating meat, that was fine.

“The first course might even be RAW meat!” I told her. More

Nanny Lunch

We have a new nanny. My wife and I say to each other, “Well, she’s better than nothing.” And we mean it — she is, actually, better than nothing.

B-grade nanny lunch

It’s hard to find a good nanny. Our previous nanny, Karina, was with us for seven years. She was the only nanny my two oldest children, Flynn and Willa, ever knew during their early years. Our third child Imogen has, at age 21 months, already had five. More